What is credit insurance?

You grant payment terms to your customers every day, it’s a routine way of doing business. But do you think of the risk you are taking?

What happens when a customer defaults or a business closes down? An unpaid invoice can be enough to push your business to the brink and it’s believed that 25% of bankruptcies are due to unpaid invoices.

If you’ve experienced a customer going into administration you will know the challenges your business will face just getting a fraction of what you are owed. Our simple infographic shows who actually gets paid, and in what order when a company goes into administration.

What does failure really cost you?

Your margin 10%
Total outstanding invoices 10,000

The extra turnover needed to make up for loss.


With credit insurance from Coface the additional turnover required would be:


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coface infographic

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It’s important not to think of bad debt as an unavoidable risk. Coface Credit Insurance policies work to help protect your cash flow, and at the same time, make sure that you are not at the back of the queue when it comes to receiving payment from a debtor.

Seize the initiative and trade with confidence.

Protecting your business from non-payment and late payment is only a small part of the story. In fact making a claim is the final safeguard.

  • With constantly updated credit checks on 80 million UK and worldwide companies, you can pre-qualify customers and filter out businesses with financial problems
  • If someone looks like defaulting, leave it to our collection team to chase and secure payment
  • The fact that you’re insured by Coface will make you more attractive to customers, suppliers and investors

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