Solvency Reports

The news is full of stories about companies failing these days, so all companies’ large or small need quick access to reliable information about their customers and potential customers.

If you are looking for:

  • A financial health check to reassess the credit worthiness of your customers or suppliers
  • Information about a potential business partner or client
  • Advice on what credit terms to set

Then Coface could be the partner for you.

We understand that the more you know about your customers the safer your business is from an unexpected bad debt – which creates cash flow problems, makes planning impossible and wastes valuable time and resource.

Our reports are designed to steer your credit management strategy, enabling you to trade with confidence – despite the uncertain economic environment.

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In addition, as credit insurers, our reports are enhanced with payment behaviour data.

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As a global leader in credit insurance Coface operates in over 100 countries and can provide solvency reports on over 80 million businesses worldwide, so request your free report today.


Coface solvency reports are the first step in understanding the risks your business is facing. They include:

  • An independent risk assessment of the company you are dealing with so you can assess the likelihood of a future bad debt
  • A recommended credit limit amount so you can set credit limits and terms which are right for your business
  • Commentary on the business and industry you are dealing with, assisting with your own financial planning

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A global leader in credit insurance

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    80 million

    businesses worldwide

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