1st Quarter 2020 Country Risk Assessment Map

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Country Risk Assessment Map – Q1 2020

Understand global business default risk

The team of expert analysts at Coface take time to assess business risk in over 162 countries each quarter. The Country Risk Assessment Map is free to download – essential for anyone interested in finding out more about the risks they face in operating in a global export market.

The map includes a visual scale of the likelihood of business default risk from A1 (very low) to E (extreme). Included in the map are the latest upgrades and downgrades across the globe.

Expertise at a glance

In creating the Country Risk Map for 1st Quarter 2020 we use a unique methodology:

  • macroeconomic experience in assessing the country risk
  • Comprehension of the business environment
  • Microeconomic data collected over 70 years of payment experience

We understand the business environment and use data collected over 70 years to understand more and provide reliable risk assessment. All this helps us monitor over 162 countries throughout the year.

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