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A unique suite of business services to know more about your business partners

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Coface business information

Need to run a health-check on a supplier, partner or customer? Want to continue monitoring them in the future? Make the most of Coface business intelligence and you’re armed with the clear knowledge you need about your current and prospective business partners. Ready to make more informed decisions.

As a Coface credit insurance policyholder, access to all business information resources is built-in to every policy. Our authoritative business reports and credit opinions are yours for the asking.

Imagine never ever having to go into a transaction ‘blind’. And that’s in addition to having the ability claim back the cash if a customer defaults or fails to pay. Two kinds of invaluable protection in one policy.

Take a snapshot of key financials

By providing instant online access to any company’s key data, a Coface Snapshot Report strips credit information down to the essentials. Get an overview of the company’s overall creditworthiness and payment discipline at a glance. Perfect for helping you make better business decisions.

Or dig deeper to get the full picture

Sometimes even the sharpest snapshot isn’t enough. When real in-depth business intelligence is called for, a Coface Full Report provides comprehensive and extensive information and analysis. Get the full picture of your credit risk with potential business partners. Categorise clients by risk level. Our existing Full Reports are available online at any time, just like our Snapshot reports. Need a Full Report on a new prospect? Just ask and we’ll start a new investigation, tailored to your precise requirements.

The world at your fingertips

Our extensive network of information providers covers more than 200 countries, and we can provide up-to-the-minute information on 80 million companies around the world.

Benefit from our credit insurance archive

As one of the world’s leading credit insurance companies, we have a wealth of exclusive information based on our internal claim records. And our experts can add value to this raw data by analysing the data about late payments and claims to provide extra insights. Trust us to steer you away from doing business with customers with a poor company rating or a bad claims record.


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