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Benefits of Credit Insurance

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Benefits of Credit Insurance

Risk prevention

We have a database of information on 80 million companies worldwide. We also have 340 underwriters and credit analysts. We use all those resources to assess your current and prospective customers. If their financial health changes, you’ll know immediately. Coface it first and with our guidance you can review existing relationships and focus on trading with only creditworthy customers.

Improved cash flow

Your cash flow is a powerful yet vulnerable resource. Everyone in business knows that protecting yourself against unpaid invoices and insolvencies is crucial. They are perhaps the biggest threat to your cash flow, and to your survival as a business. If and when the worst happens, credit insurance is the simplest, most reliable and cost-effective way replace cash flow lost through customer insolvency or non-payment.

Business development

Pursue your business goals with confidence, knowing that your debtor book is being well looked after by Coface. We also provide analysis of any country, sector or company risks you are running in the course of normal trading – again leaving you free to focus on growing and developing your company.

Secured trade finance

Financial institutions look more favourably on secured receivables. That’s why a Coface credit insurance policy cannhelp you secure better credit options and borrowing terms.

Improve your supplier relationships

Valued suppliers who know you have credit insurance will look favourably on you – so you may be able to negotiate more favourable terms with them.

Enhanced credit management

Coface credit insurance, plus our expert advice, can bring structure and discipline to your credit management.

Peace of mind

Credit insurance is there to help you minimise your trading risks and make more informed business decisions. Build your business and focus on what matters most, safe in the knowledge that your accounts are protected and the knowledge you need is available on demand.

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