Information Services

Smarter credit checks for stronger, safer trade

Supercharge your risk strategy with an information service that goes beyond the standard credit checks

Get instant commercial scores, automatic supply chain alerts, and exclusive sector and economic analysis. Our vast information network delivers essential real-time insights, whenever you need them. Making it easier to grow your business, react to critical risks, and steer clear of bad deals.

Why use Coface Information Services?

  • Minimise risk- Find out which customers are trustworthy, set realistic credit limits, and check the risk of non-payment.
  • Protect supply chains- Be the first to know about global or local issues of that could affect your supply chain.
  • Break into new markets- Access the latest information on new and existing markets. So it’s easier to identify opportunities for growth.

How Coface Information Services works

With offices in 48 countries, we are uniquely positioned to provide valuable insights on every sector, country and emerging market. So you can trade with confidence, anywhere in the world.

  • We monitor 80+ million businesses across 200 countries
  • Data is adjusted by country, sector economic position and outlook
  • You get instant access to crucial insights you won’t find elsewhere

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