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Coface Debt Collection

Our debt recovery solutions support financial planning and recovers late payment. It frees up internal resources for your core business activities as well as creating value through the optimisation of cash flow and profitability.
  • Efficient debt recovery, providing you with one central contact point regardless of debtor country
  • Online loading of debts with real-time updates.
  • Access to associated legal services
  • Action within 24 hours

Why use Coface Debt Collection

Reduce collection costs

Focus on collecting your invoices at the right time for your business and don't wait for to recover bad debts

Coface ensure that debts are collected with the minimum amount of disruption to your business

Improve collection success

Debt collection often requires a great deal of effort and time.

Coface manage all follow-ups and collections reducing costs

Efficient debt collection

Through our network of global partners we use the right information to determine the right response for your business.

Understanding of local legislation leads to efficient collection of bad debts.

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What Coface Provides


Coface provides flexible, scalable debt recovery solutions to tackle late payment, maximise cash flow, reduce debtor days and improve customer relations.
  • More control of your processes
  • Reduced days outstanding
  • Improved business processes
  • Online access to review cases 24/7

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