Collect whats owed with Coface Debt Collection service

Make sure you get paid

Limit your losses

Unpaid or late payments are bad news for any business. But sadly, they are a global problem that can’t be ignored. The best way to deal with late payments is through a professional third party. Coface Debt Collection’s expert and efficient service significantly improves the chances of recovering your money. What’s more, the earlier you get us in, the better the chances of success and the sooner you get paid.

Save time and money

Chasing invoices in-house takes time, money and effort. Our experienced, global network gets to work fast, so you don’t have to. Because we’re such a large company, we can offer competitive rates that generally work out cheaper than the costs of doing your own debt recovery. Best of all, you only pay us when we get results. So you have nothing to lose.

Get hands-on support, anywhere

Need a debt collection on the other side of the world? No problem. Our skilled teams have local knowledge and a global reach. Their unique understanding of local practices, cultures and market conditions play a big role in our success.

We have access to local enforcement facilities and understand country-specific differences in legal requirements.  So your business retains its image and reputation. Our professional approach also makes it possible for you to maintain long-term relationships and resume business once debts are paid.

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