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Easily and effectively manage risk

Credit checks are essential for risk management. Just as a bank wouldn’t extend credit to someone with a poor credit rating, you need to take the same precautions with your business.  Coface Information Services lets you run financial health checks before you sign a deal. So you can make informed decisions that dramatically reduce the risk of bad debt. Giving you every possible competitive advantage.

Protect your supply chain

Drawing upon our vast international network of expert analysts and underwriters, we provide unique insights into the financial health of your partners and suppliers. Keeping you up-to-date of any global or local changes of circumstances that could affect your supply chain. Which helps your business continue to function the way you want it to.

Break into new markets with confidence

Financial information is always changing, which is why we constantly monitor millions of businesses worldwide.

With offices in 48 countries, we are uniquely positioned to provide valuable insights on every sector, country and emerging market. So you can trade with confidence, anywhere in the world.

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