Why do you need credit insurance?

  • Do you know the real financial position of your customers?
  • Have you ever wanted to reduce risk and still grow your business?
  • Have you ever wondered how much credit you should extend to your existing customers?
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How does Credit Insurance work

We protect your business by assessing and monitoring the creditworthiness of customers and the risks of the market. Coface Credit Insurance can do much more than just protect your business against financial losses:

  • Improve your cash flow – you know you will get paid regardless
  • Set realistic credit terms by assessing customer credit worthiness
  • Reassure funders that your business plans for the future and understands the market it operates in

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Case studies

Moyne London

Moyne London can focus on profitable projects and reduce the risk of costly abortive tenders thanks to timely credit information from Coface.

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Case studies

Premier Decorations

Coface’s flexible approach allows Premier Decorations to respond to protect its balance sheet during its busiest sales period.

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Case studies

ESI Foods

ESI Foods is forecasting strong growth with the continued support of Coface.

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